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Swiss Asset Tracing
and Asset Recovery Services

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The satisfactory resolution of commercial disputes, or the recovery of the proceeds of fraud and embezzlement, frequently depends on successfully tracing and recovering assets. The location and ownership of those assets are often obscured through complex corporate, nominee or trust structures, and disbursed across multiple jurisdictions.  

Asset tracing and recovery services provided by Swiss Detective Agency cut through attempts to conceal cash, real estate, business holdings, financial instruments, commodities, and other tangible and intangible assets. We are masters in finding money and locating assets even when they are hidden in the most intricate company structures and money laundering operations. Our results have aided customers in determining the financial standing of parties in contract disputes, enforcing judgments of international arbitration, and recovering assets following complicated frauds, bank failures, and legal and arbitration proceedings.

By utilizing the combined business information and investigational experience of Swiss Detective Agencies’ global resources, we provide results. Our engagement teams bring together experts in forensic accounting, financial analysis, intelligence analysis, bankruptcy, and cyber security, enabling them to cut through obfuscation. We are particularly successful at handling cross-border matters because our international teams can operate efficiently as a single, integrated entity.


Cross-Border Debt Recovery 


Even while it can seem hard to recover a past-due invoice from a client who is overseas, it need not be the end of the world, especially if you outsource the debt to a knowledgeable debt collection firm.

Swiss Detective Agencies’ debt collection team provides a comprehensive service tailored to your particular needs. As part of international debt collection, our attorneys have a great deal of experience finding cross-border assets. By providing you with guidance on relevant legal problems, we can assist you in making decisions on the merits and commercial viability of your case as well as the most efficient method of recovery.

We will make sure that processes are followed correctly and with the best likelihood of a successful conclusion since we have a thorough awareness of the various laws and regulations in foreign jurisdictions.

In order to enhance the chance of success for our clients, our team will create a business recovery strategy that is best appropriate to your particular set of circumstances. We deal with all facets of the legal process, including pre-action correspondence, advising on recovery possibilities, issuing proceedings, and enforcement.


Asset tracing


Social media and internet searches are insufficient to track down someone who has fully vanished. A qualified forensic accountant with international knowledge should be hired when a business or individual wants to track and recover assets so that you may act promptly and lawfully. Our business has a crew that is qualified and experienced in the services we offer. Our team of seasoned private investigators will find the property of a certain entity during the property inquiry. Such allegations are frequently made during litigation or divorce, so the evidence will be able to show that the individual in question is attempting to conceal resources or assets. You can use legal actions to try to get back what was wrongfully taken if you think you or your business has been cheated. The legal procedure used to locate and collect those assets is known as asset tracing and recovery.



  • Domestic and international asset tracing

  • Funding and debt acquisition

  •  Skip Tracing Missing Debtors

  •  Tracing of Defendants & Witnesses

  •  Tracing of Business & Company Searches

  •  Property investigation (Divorce setting, Personal lawsuit, Property search for businesses, Procedures for child support, Personal injury lawsuits)

   Investigations of property may include, but are not limited to:

  • A detailed search of real estate

  •  Information on mortgages and loans

  •  National Deed Searches

  •  Vehicles

  •  Search bank and investment accounts

  •  Hidden asset searches

  •  Searches of investment accounts at the national level

  •  Business searches

  •  Bankruptcies

  •  UCC Filings

  •  Federal Tax Stock

  •  State tax stock

  •  Creditor Searches

  •  Judgments


   Work undertaken includes:

  • Commercial and consumer contracts

  • Invoice debt

  • High Court and County Court proceedings

  • Winding up and bankruptcy

  • Enforcement of charging orders by orders for sale

  • Freezing orders

  • Cross-border registration and enforcement of judgments

  • Directors duties/disqualification proceedings

  • Reputational management (including cases with a high level of press interest)

  • Tracing claims


Why choose Swiss Detective Agency?

220 years of know-how and 85+ years of combined investigative & intelligence management experience. We are globally operating and we are authorized by the security department of the state.
We were on cases worth more than USD 45 billion collectively.
We are licensed, discreet, experienced, and insured up to CHF 10 million per Case and Client (Corporate Liability Insurance).

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