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Cyber Investigative Services & Solutions

Global and Switzerland Cyber Investigation Services are our Premier Swiss Quality Services for our international and home clients.

We are providing Global and Swiss Cyber Investigative Services and Solutions.  Solving online crime takes time, energy, and a lot of data. That’s why we partnered with law enforcement agencies to design a technology that can cut through the noise. Our complex software has the power to link devices, similar images, locations, and metadata, helping you to discover critical leads faster., and you are using one of the top-level cyber investigative services and solutions. 

Private Investigator Switzerland is providing customized Private Cyber Investigator Services and Cyber Investigative Solutions for the following Global and/or Swiss cases:

  • Reputation & Brand Investigations

  • Internet Defamation 

  • Copyright & Trademark

  • Sextortion & Privacy Invasion

  • Computer Crime Investigations

  • Celebrities, V.I.P., Executives Hacked

  • Identity Theft & Credit Card Fraud

  • Internet Fraud & Online Scams (Scamming)

  • Cyberstalking, Cyberbullying, Cyber-Mobbing (Harassment)

  • Corporate Investigations (e.g. CEO-Fraud, Social Engineering)

  • Deep Web Intelligence Services

  • Cyber Extortion 

  • Integrated Investigations (Field & Cyber Investigations)

  • Investment scams - Due Diligence (Field & Cyber Due Diligence)

  • Fraud with Fake Online-Shops, Fake-Lottery, Inheritance-Scam, false billing, Travel prize, Charities, Dating & Romance, Jobs, etc.

  • Internet Monitoring Services

We are always just a phone call or E-Mail/text message away. Our Management has a collective 80 years of industry experience and will suggest a plan and solution for you today! 


Our standard prices for the Cyber Investigation Services and Solutions vary on the cases-level and information needed. The prices are between CHF 360.- and CHF 4950.- per Case.  We do accept bank transfers, credit cards, and PayPal. 

Cyber Investigation Services and Solutions orders are payable in advance, after placing the order, and before the start of the assignment. The Swiss Business clients are excluded from this rule (Art. 7. General Standard Terms and Conditions). 

Depending on the case, in the event of success, the costs incurred can be recovered from the target person if necessary. 

To schedule, a free consultation with our Global & Swiss office on any type of investigation or case please fill out the contact form on the Webpage Contact Us.  or check the Process Working with Us.

The free consultation means that we will sit down with you, hear about your issue/problem, and give you some initial thoughts about it with the contract proposal at no charge or obligation to you. We will willingly sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before receiving any project-related information from you.


We are EU GDPR and Swiss FADP compliant private investigator office.

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