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Searching and Locating Persons and Business

Updated: May 30, 2022

Switzerland and Global Skip Tracing Services are our Premier Swiss Quality Services for our international and home clients. We understand your frustration and anguish if you can not find the person of interest. Our division of Skip Tracing uses the latest technology, databases, and tracing skills to locate people and company information.

We are providing the following customized global and Swiss Skip Tracing services: - Debtor Tracing Services, - Locating Lost Persons Services, - Locating Family Members, - Locating Witnesses of the Crime, - Locating Defendants, - Locating the Land or House owner, - Debt Collection Location - Divorce Litigation Location - Missing Person Location - Real Estate Location

The reasons for the disappearance of companies are usually the criminal or financial causes. Criminal background: tax evasions, using trust funds, etc. Financial background: Debts, stealing money from partners, investment complications, etc. In the case of business losses, some businessmen can make them disappear by transferring funds to another bank account, choosing a destination without extradition agreements within the country of departure, or maybe using a new identity. In this case, we form a team to trace the missing businessman. Our squad gathers details and prepares a profile and questions for all the people relevant to the missing businessman. When the missing person is found, the full information is collected by verifying the location of a new residence, place of work, and unique identity. Sometimes is Skip Tracing a Key to Preventing Frauds. Skip Tracing can be provided as a single service or as an integral part of the investigative process. We are always just a phone call or E-Mail/text message away. Our Management has a collective of 80 years of industry experience and will suggest a plan and solution for you today! Our written reports are admissible in court and are signed for accuracy by the detectives involved.

You did not find the solution? We are here for you.


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