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220+ years of know-how and 85+ years of combined investigative & intelligence management experience. We are globally operating, and we are authorized by the security department of the state. We were on cases worth more than USD 45 billion collectively. Furthermore, we are licensed, discreet, experienced, and insured up to CHF 10 million per Case and Client (Corporate Liability Insurance). For extra privacy, we may sign NDA. 

We strongly believe that the quality of information defines its value. In decision analysis, the value of information is the improvement in the outcomes of our actions that we would expect if we could reduce or eliminate uncertainty before making a decision.


"Over the years, we’ve built up a solid reputation based on integrity, quality, and experience. Each of our investigators is experienced and dedicated, and together we make up a skilled and well-rounded team. We’re serious about our work, holding all information provided by clients in strict confidence. We’re in the trust business, and work hard to ensure our clients are always making sound, informed decisions. Keep reading to learn about special qualities that set us apart, past case studies, services provided, and more." - CEO Office













When to Contact Us

if you can find it on Google or Facebook, you probably don't need to hire us. But when Google or Facebook is not enough...

I need to locate a difficult-to-find individual, relative, or associate

I need to gather intelligence against a legal adversary

I need assistance in locating witnesses and conducting interviews

I need to do a DEEP background investigation to uncover possible red-flags

I need a background check on a C-level executive, not just a run-of-the-mill background check

I need to determine if it's worthwhile to file a lawsuit

I need to make sure my potential business partners don't have any skeletons

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