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Due Diligence Service for Business and Investors

Updated: May 30, 2022

Information is the key to managing risk. Swiss Detective Agency - Swiss Security Solution’s Investigative Due Diligence practice draws on deep experience to help clients make informed business decisions.

Our professionals perform comprehensive due diligence investigations on individuals and entities in order to alert clients to risk, disclosure issues, and potential negotiation points. Clients include:

- Hedge funds

- Funds of Funds

- Sovereign wealth funds

- Public and private pensions

- Endowments

- Private equity firms

- Institutional investors

- Family offices

- Foundations

- Government programs

- Corporate risk managers

- Investment advisers

-Legal advisers

- Victims of Fraud / Scam

- Victim of Online Fraud / Scam

Modern Due Diligence Process

Our multidisciplinary project teams leverage Swiss Detective Agency - Swiss Security Solutions’s global network and technological resources to provide reports uniquely tailored to each client’s individual risk profile and preferences. Additionally, the continuity of our teams throughout the due diligence process ensures thoroughness and efficiency.

Swiss Detective Agency - Swiss Security Solutions LLC performs customized comprehensive due diligence on individuals and entities in order to alert clients to risks, disclosure issues, and potential negotiation points. Our multidisciplinary project teams provide support tailored to meet clients’ individual needs, from M&A dispute resolution and tax planning to financial and forensic due diligence. The overall goal is to provide actionable intelligence to help our clients make critical decisions. Our unique blend of diverse investigative experience, advanced technology, and Global & Local insight allows us to deliver bespoke solutions that enable our clients to manage and mitigate risk throughout the business cycle, secure in the knowledge that their project will be managed in the utmost confidence and according to the highest legal and ethical standards.

Developments and Improvements of the Due Diligence 2021 Reporting

In response to modern challenges as well as to Covid-19 Crisis, Swiss Detective Agency -Swiss Security Solutions LLC has developed its innovative data-driven approach to due diligence, providing customers with detailed insights and proprietary ratings on their suppliers and third parties to help ensure they are positively contributing to the organization's reputation and business operations. Compiled by an experienced team of due diligence analysts, the due diligence reports offer customers objective risk ratings according to six main categories of risk; identity, integrity, finance, ESG, cyber, and operational and quality risks. The reports are suitable for any sector or business size, and for any location in the world. With the addition of cybersecurity and credit ratings, Swiss Security Solution’s due diligence reports now draw on more than 250 billion cyber events monitored daily through 150 data sources, and more than 350 million company credit reports on both private and public companies collected from 10,000 sources.


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