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Private investigations

Private investigations Swiss Detective Agency, Zurich

While services with a Private Investigator may differ with the industry or case that they are working on, the skill sets they use are similar. These skills that are called upon are uncovering evidence and facts, analyzing information, and providing evidence to their clients. No matter the career path or specialization of a private investigator, they must be able to gather and analyze the information they recovered.

For private investigators that don’t specialize in a specific field, many private detectives find themselves working within a more generalized capacity. This allows private eyes to offer more services to clients. No matter which type of service they offer, a private investigator operates by a strict set of standards. Many of which are dictated by state law. Some private detectives are members of a state or national association, which requires them to follow specific bylaws or even a code of ethics & morals.

A private investigator is someone who works with law enforcement in either an independent or cooperative capacity. They operate “for hire” and can handle everything from background checks to participating in full-fledged criminal investigations. However, private investigators are not police offers and as such, they do not have the authority to make arrests or conduct searches with a warrant. Their legal findings can be submitted as evidence and often times private investigators play crucial roles throughout the legal process. A private detective uses various investigative techniques and surveillance investigation methods to retrieve accurate information about a situation, subject, or object. They are required to have an analytical mind, a keen eye, and excellent observation skills. Private detectives usually work full-time on their own or under private investigation firms. Some work with police departments or other organizations and are licensed to practice in their state of business.

Is it against the law to hire a private investigator?

It is not illegal to hire a private investigator. Hiring a private investigator is a common practice. Most often, private investigators work alongside attorneys for civil and criminal investigative needs. They are also hired by citizens when other investigative options have been exhausted, notably for missing persons.

Why Hire a Private Investigator?

Licensed private investigators have the capability to complete assignments issued by a client, perform surveillance for extended periods and detect and reveal information that may be hidden or unavailable through a usual search. The act of capturing video of a subject may also cause the person or organization to discover they are being recorded. This may then lead to either complications in surveillance or legal action to cease the activity. If the person was perpetrating illegal actions, he or she may then stop doing so until certain that the video is not recording these acts. Many private investigators are trained enough in recording a subject so that he or she is unaware of it.

When investigations initiate for relatives or friends, it is important to ensure the parties are within legal compliance so that violations of the law do not occur with any local, state, or federal regulations governing licensed private investigators in these situations. If these offenses affect the individual, there are extensive fines that usually cause a significant financial burden along with some jail time in certain instances. It is vital that the professional hired has experience. These contracted investigators provide the greatest amount of safety to clients when taking on a case. This means they are able to handle themselves, are dedicated to the client, and attempt to remain hidden at all times.

Some of the issues a Private Investigator can assist with:


What is a background check? A background check is an effective way for an employer, landlord, potential business partner, etc. to learn about their potential new hire, resident, or business partner. Most people believe a background check is solely based on criminal history. A thorough background check can include several key elements including but not limited to the following; criminal history, education, employment history, credit, references, social media, a neighborhood survey, and even civil records. The reason for background checks is to ensure the safety of your employees, business, and clients.


These investigations can help you find out the TRUTH about who you are meeting online. It’s also a good way to find out if they are dating others besides you! We, also, provide documented facts of unwarranted behavior of persons directly involved with children.


Nothing can be more worrying than suspicions that your partner is being unfaithful. Our years of experience in investigations can assist in discovering the truth to help you make an informed decision.


If you suspect that assets may have been hidden from you, please get in touch with us for a no-obligation discussion on the best way forward. Many people aim to conceal assets from loved ones, relatives, and business associates fearing they will be taken in a separation, divorce settlement, or financial fallout.  Assets may be hidden for tax reasons or other financial motives. A private investigator can help you get your assets.



Sometimes, the best way to get information is to watch and observe the situation, this can be very time-consuming and an untrained eye has the potential to miss vital pieces of information. Private investigator surveillance far surpasses any efforts a layman can exhibit for following a person or unearthing intelligence.



Are you trying to find or trace a missing person who may be a long-lost relative? Seeking a friend who has drifted out of contact? Searching for a witness or debtor?

People are searching for others for a variety of reasons, from a family member or friend who has lost contact, to somebody who has deliberately disappeared and wants to remain hidden.

Tracing a missing person on your own can be a very stressful time, and it can feel like a long, relentless task. At Private Investigator Switzerland, we have a highly experienced team of private detectives with the skills and expertise to help you in your search, with all the up-to-date tools and resources available to the modern investigation



When it comes to technology, handling data and analyzing it takes a certain finesse and expertise. It also takes someone with the proper credentials. Data is information, and because of this, it takes more than collecting it, but also studying this data to see what is useful in an investigation. Cyber Investigation Services provides cutting-edge, internet private investigators & monitoring specialists for companies and their attorneys worldwide.


We can find the evidence you need. We can recover deleted text messages, deleted emails, deleted social media communications, and more. We can identify and remove spyware or other monitoring software from your home or office devices. Our forensic analysts conduct extensive investigations to help clients gain access to information that is not publicly accessible, such as security camera footage.


Due diligence is an important business technique to consider before making any key business decisions or acquiring a company. Before you put your company finances into action, you need to understand its due diligence and how to do it correctly. Private Investigators can use tactics such as forensic account investigations, surveillance, and background checks to investigate potential business partners.

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